Having a Puppy Forever?

Easter Sunday recently passed and of course the air was filled with the love of Easter bunnies, colorful and chocolate eggs, and adorable children and fur-babies dressed in their Sunday best.  Easter is filled with the joy of family but because it was Sunday I also took the joy in catching up on some Netflix […]

Sorry Mam, No Pets Allowed Here

From my understanding pets and animals are helpful to decrease stress and anxiety for humans in a lot of ways. For example, in the workplace. So my question is why can’t I bring my dog everywhere to keep me calm on the daily?! I pay my taxes! LOL! Speaking for myself I get annoyed pretty […]

No Longer No.1

My boyfriend and I recently moved in about two months ago. The good news is we actually get along fairly well. He cooks, cleans, helps out like a wonderful partner should. The bad news is I think my dog aka our dog now loves him more than me. This cannot be! Riley has been my […]

Second Time Around

Deciding on a pet can be a daunting and difficult task. Picking a pet for your home and family can make you re-evaluate if you truly even want a pet or the type of pet that works best for you. I remember the years of begging, crying, and silent treatments towards my parents it took […]

Silent But Deadly

It’s a warm cool summer night The wind is surprisely calm as it sways through the cracked bedroom window You hear the crickets in the night air I lay in my bed tucked away almost drifting to sleep but awaken but a fierce smell It smells of boiled eggs possibly few days old but no […]

Welcome Back

I recently took a small break from my blog not because I wanted too but because simply I had no time. Many of us know the challenge of having a job or taking care of family which keeps us from doing the things we wish to do. I hope to continue with my blog posts […]

Wipe Those Tears

Am I the only dog parent that experiences their dog having tear stains on their adorable faces?! The Dilemma At 7 years old Riley has experienced many things and at this point in his life he is dealing with the stage of tear stains.  He use to experience them every now and again but as he is […]

Are You Crazy About Your Dog?

Years ago I received a book called “Rabid: Are You A Crazy Dog Person? OR JUST CRAZY?” and I answered that question before even opening the book to read….YES I AM! But then after reading that book I quickly learned I am actually sane compared to others. I am also guilty of taking many Buzzfeed quizzes to see […]

Doggie Daycare Dilemma

What is a Doggie Day Care? I can’t tell you how many times I get the awkward stare from people when I tell them I take my dog to a doggie daycare.  Let me give you the textbook version response: a doggie daycare is a short-term daytime or nighttime care facility that also provides additional […]