About Us

Riley aka Blue Eyes

Riley was born in Riverdale, California on September 9th, 2010.  At 12 weeks old with piercing blue eyes he traveled from on a plane to Baltimore, Maryland to his furever home with me and my family.  Now as an adult Riley is definitely an experienced pup and can be quite boss at times.  When not at lounging at home with family or with his favorite stuff animals he can be seen attending doggie daycare with his best buddies at least 4-5 days a week.  He enjoys a snack or two…ok maybe unlimited snacks and loves to people watch on a breezy sunny day.  Car rides….YES PLEASE! and prefers to sleep in a chilled a room of 67 degrees (husky demands).

Kelli aka Brown Eyes

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 24th, 1989. Raised by two wonderful parents and an only child which means more gifts and attention.  I did the school route and became a trained Social Worker so naturally I can pretty much handle any difficult situation with ease, except someone forgot to tell me about how to be a dog mom. I absolutely love the cold/winter (hints why I was interested in getting a husky).  I have always wanted a dog since I was little but my parents never thought I was ready or responsible enough to have one at the time.

Finally, after 18 years of begging…and yes I was in college and living at home, technically able to make my own decisions but its something about having your parents approval that sits with you forever.  I was granted permission to get a puppy!  Then came the biggest challenge of what kind of breed should I get? and also keeping in mind I would also be in school full time.  I narrowed it down to the Siberian Husky. Fierce look, attitude, energetic, and so darn fluffy!  Of course, it would not be that easy and my mom told me specifically “I do not want any big dogs in this house, so you if you can find a mini version of a husky then you got it”. Well the joke was on her as the internet will lead you to anything you request and long behold I found my little husky also known as the Alaskan Klee Kai, Riley.

That is where are our journey started in 2010 : )