Work Out Partner

So I have been really into my fitness this last month or so and getting myself back into the gym life. I am lucky enough to have a helpful workout partners including my boyfriend and friends when I am not busting my ass in the gym with my personal trainer.

After the gym this morning I came back in to take Riley back out for a potty break and noticed a neighbor doing their workout with their dog. I always thought to myself…does the dog know they are going for a workout too? Do they know they are about to burn approximately 300-400 calories while building muscle? Do they want a vanilla protein shake afterwards? So many questions!

But seriously, it is super cute to see how some pets kind of know how to keep up and exercise with their humans while some are simply happy observing and their exercise consist of rolling over for belly rubs. Riley has always been a mixture of both. He has his moments where he can go for long outdoor walks and then there are moments where he simply will look at you with disgust to say “not today I am tired”. Basically, he is just like me who would have guessed it? They do say pets mirror their humans from bonding.

You ever watch those cute Dodo or BuzzFeed animal videos where you see so many adventurous and exercising pets that can go skydiving, hiking, swimming, etc. Then you look at their humans and see they are just as extreme. That stuff always amazes me and kind of pushes me to stay active even when I don’t want too. It also reminds me that Riley needs to stay active as well especially as he gets older. I would not want him being a couch potato forever and thankfully because he is a hyper dog he loves being outside and getting some fresh air.

Now if only I could get him a dog gym membership with me.

Here are some dogs that are great for a extra cardio push when you want a partner.

Jack Russell Terrier
Small in body but with oodles of energy to burn, the Jack Russell can run for surprisingly long intervals. And he’s fast, reaching speeds up to 25 mph in short bursts.
Brittany Spaniel
The blazing fast Brittany is often called “the breeze.” She’s a medium-size sporting dog with high energy and a light build perfect for running.
Dalmatians were actually bred to run alongside carriages and horseback riders, so a love of running side-by-side with their humans is in their genes.
With their long legs and sleek bodies, Greyhounds are built for speed and have been clocked at 45 mph. In between energetic bursts of speed-running, Greyhounds can be found napping on the couch.
The Whippet is thought to be a blend of Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, and terrier. With that lineage, it’s no wonder they’re sometimes called “the poor man’s racehorse.” Believe it or not, a Whippet can run 200 yards in under 12 seconds!
German Shorthaired Pointer
This breed is athletic, with tremendous endurance, and those muscular hindquarters are custom-built for running. Since he requires exercise every day, he’s the perfect companion for a long run or bike ride.
Standard Poodle
Don’t let the hairdo fool you – the Standard Poodle is loaded with energy and was originally bred as a gun dog and water retriever, making her an excellent partner for long runs.
Australian Cattle Dog
This dog was bred to herd livestock on ranches in Australia, so a love of running is in her blood. She can go for miles, and she doesn’t like to skip a day, so she’s an excellent choice if you need occasional prodding to lace up your running shoes.
Airedale Terrier
Airedales do well in hotter climates thanks to their short, wiry coats. This isn’t a large or heavily muscled dog, so shorter runs (10K or less) are well suited to his energy level and stamina.
Border Collie
Better known for their incredible intelligence and skill at flyball and agility events, Border Collies are also great runners and have been clocked at speeds up to 30 mph.
The agile “grey ghost” is adaptable to all types of running. She excels at short, quick bursts of speed and can cover long distances just as easily. Her short coat makes running in warm weather a breeze, and she’s also confident on rough terrain and trails.
Siberian Husky
If you live in a cold climate, a Husky is the perfect running companion. This dog was bred to pull sleds, so endurance running is in his blood.

Happy Reading!

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