Kisses are great.

They can be short.

They can be long.

They can be passionate.

They can be disgusting if your that type of person but for a lot of pets they just love to give sloppy or delicate kisses whenever possible.  I know they do it probably because they want to lick of the sweat, tears, or whatever food you had for the day but to us humans its a sign of affection that any fur parent loves to get.  Some fur parents even choose to return the favor and give a hug/kiss back to say thanks my sweet little baby. Some pets may enjoy the gesture back while others may give you the stink face and just rather be left alone.  I feel cats tend to do that more than dogs.

Now let me start by saying this does not mean us fur parents are kissing our pets like we do humans.  I also am not trying to get on the nerves of those fur parents who don’t want their dog’s to touch them or anything.  This post is not for you.  This does not mean you don’t love your pet any less it just means you choose not to do that and that’s fine for whatever your reason may be.  (Note: A lick on the cheek or something will not kill you).

Riley absolutely loves to get kisses but definitely dominates when it comes to giving them.  It is almost to the point where you have to push his face away just to get a sign of air before he comes right back around for round two, three, and four.  Who knew a little dog could be so forceful.  He also has this thing where no ones is allowed to give or receive kisses in his presence or else he demands to have one and will stay put until you acknowledge him.

Me and my boyfriend now come to realize that if we are going to share a kiss and Riley happens to see us or hear a slight smack noise he will DEMAND his own kisses immediately as the prince of household.  It will be followed by a slight cry, jump, or whimper to let you know he saw what you did.  What kills us is that he can be dead asleep and hear a kiss noise and pop up to go straight for his dad or me to lay on his chest and ready to receive his daily dose of smooches.  We have come to accept this as a normal part of the household living.

I have to say my boyfriend does get a majority of the kisses but I tend to get the longer sessions of kisses once they start going.  Not sure if that is necessarily the best deal but overall the fact the we both received kisses from our baby and are able to give them back in return is something that we both look forward to on a daily basis.

I mean who doesn’t love kisses right?!

They make you feel better!

They make you smile even on a bad day!

They decrease stress!

They are given to you by someone or something you love!


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