You ever witness that moment when your dog can literally run from one part of the house to the next without stopping and it looks like their face is filled with a crazy psycho joy.  They are known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods but you may identify it as the Zoomies.

Zoomies are basically when your dog is having a hyper moment, minutes, or even hours of non stop energy and will not stop running from place to place or in circles.  It is this distinct running that involves your dog to be low to ground with their butts tucked in and moving at the speed of light with a wild grin on their face.  The interesting part is, they don’t even realize sometimes they could actually hurt themselves.  I can’t count how many times Riley has had the zoomies and ran into a door, table, fell off the couch, or slammed into his food bowls.  When I think back on it I can’t help but laugh because it literally just seems to come out of nowhere.

Zoomies can literally happen anywhere and the most common time I see zoomies in dogs is after a bath and they want to run around crazy like they are trying to get the fresh scent of them before someone sees. Another time is at the park playing fetch and owners trying to retrieve the ball back from them. Another is after they just poop and have a sigh of relief circle dance.  I am sure the possibilities are endless.

I have been so lucky enough to own a husky which is a great breed that experiences the zoomies on several occasions.  Riley tends to have his zoomies around 6:00-8:00pm right before he notices me and my boyfriend are settling down for the night.  You would think after being at daycare he would be exhausted but it is like he gets his second wind of energy and is ready to play for the night before completely crashing. Thankfully, my boyfriend is willing to indulge in his little game and enjoys chasing him around the house to help tire him out.  It is also hilariously cute to see how hyped he gets when someone is actually playing back with him and can’t seem to be caught by the human hands.

Zoomies, you either love them or you don’t!


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