I Hate To Be That Person

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being involved in a situation that required me to politely blast one of my neighbors about their pet ownership.  In fairness, I have given them at least two prior mental warnings before I decided to say something but clearly third time is the charm.  One of my neighbors who lives on the same block as me has a wonderful little white fluffy dog, I believe her name is SweetPea, who is just a little ball of fun and cuteness.  Well, her owners in my opinion could give a rat ass about her.


This happened about three months ago when I was coming home from work and randomly saw SweetPea walking in the middle of the road with no owner in site.  I immediately pulled over and tried to pick her up, of course, she thought this was all a game pouncing around excited for attention.  Finally, after some bribing with treats I was able to scoop her up and walk my strip to see which house she belongs too.  As I get closer to a door the owner opens the door and says ” O wow I didn’t know you were even out!”  Grabs her to put her in the house then proceeds to leave for work. I was a little annoyed but I let it slide.


This happened about three weeks ago when I am out walking Riley in the pouring rain and spot none other than SweetPea trotting along in the open field area….alone.  I now know where she lives so this makes it easier for me to spot where her owners are if needed.  She comes running to me and Riley ready to play but not before making a pee/poop stop (which it is required to clean up in our neighborhood) but she would need her human to do so IF THEY WERE PRESENT.  I immediately see her owner come out the house only to call her name once then close the door.  Another lady comes along with her dog and apparently she has encountered SweetPea out three other times herself.  We guide SweetPea back to her home then to find the owner becomes annoyed as to why we brought her back while his wife is frantic as she thought the dog was in the house the entire time.  The woman I was with kindly explained to them it would be best to watch your dog if they tend to escape or plan to be present when your dog is out for potty breaks and to avoid them getting injured in traffic or by other dogs.  We basically got ignored and again I let it slide.


This happened Sunday.  I am sitting watching Netflix and all of a sudden I see….guess who?….SWEETPEA! running out in the street once again with no owner in sight.  Not only did I see it but three other neighbors who were outside enjoying the nice weather. We all looked confused yet again.  We see her take her potty breaks, run and try to play fight with people and dogs, chase cars, you name it.  I finally had it.  I snap a picture of her and immediately post a not so flattering message on our neighborhood message board so maybe they will get the point along with embarrassment from other neighbors.  Lets just say with 30 thank you notes and 45 messages from others in the community dealing with the same issue from this same neighbor says a lot. Even one neighbor being fairly close with them and speaking to them about it personally and they got ignored.

I hate to be that person to put you on blast but if I continuously see your dog almost about to get hit by a car, poop with no clean up and its required, and you have an attitude that I am making sure your pet is safe and returned home then maybe you want to think about not having one.  I hope they received the message loud and clear but the next time it happens I will be sure to keep SweetPea for a weekend and let them panic.  Just kidding.



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