Pet Insurance

  • What happens when you starting working at a new job? You look into signing up for health insurance.
  • What happens when you are looking at insurance plans? You compare pricing and coverage.
  • What happens when you get injured and need to see a provider? You look into your health insurance plan to see what you can do.

If you do those things as a human it only makes sense that pets would have the same things as well.  Pet insurance to some is the life savor they could not live without, while to others, it is just another silly expense they will not pay into.  If you have a clumsy pet or live in an area where accidents are more frequent then it is definitely something to look into.  Pet insurance helps to cover the cost of veterinary treatment in the case of a pet getting injured or falling ill.  Some will even go as far to pay if your pet passes away or causes injury to a third party.  Pretty damn awesome right?

So let me give you an example of how it can work for you.  A few years ago it was a typical morning with Riley out for his morning walk with my dad in our neighborhood.  Our neighbor had a dog that they typically always let run off leash which the community advise them to stop doing for fear of an attack or them getting injured themselves.  The dog looked to be a mixed breed sort of like an Akita mix.  He was being let out OF COURSE with no leash and fully charges at Riley attacking him.  It happened so fast my father thankfully threw the dog off of Riley and picked him up for safety.  Our neighbor of course panicked and apologized but we were too furious to even speak and drove to our vet which is connected to his doggie daycare.

We didn’t know the severity of how bad Riley was injured but when he was placed in the car and didn’t eat his morning snack we knew something wasn’t right.  He always throws a fit for his morning snack.  We come to find out the dog had punctured his chest and lungs and needed surgery.  So you can only imagine my fear levels shot through the roof at this point but on the positive side we did not have to pay for anything thanks to pet insurance.  I believe we did pay for pain medications separately and his cone of shame but that was nothing compared to thousands of dollars.

Now, I have heard a few people tell me “well I would have just paid the money and dealt with it or even worse put the dog down”.  Yes..someone actually said they would put their dog down over something like that. I am not getting into that because that will upset me but anyways it saved us a lot of money and allowed me to just focus on Riley’s recovery.

In conclusion, pet insurance, is definitely unique to each pet parent.  If you primarily have a healthy pet then you probably do not need to invest in it but if you are one of those people that follows the “what if” policy then it may be something to consider within budget of course.

Below are some of the top rated pet insurance companies to look into if interested

  1. PetPlan (which is what I use)
  2. ASPCA
  3. Embrace
  4. Healthy Paws
  5. PetFirst
  6. Trupanion
  7. Nationwide (also insures exotic animals such as rabbits, bird, snakes, fish, turtles, etc)

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