Can’t Get Rid Of That Cough

It’s 1:00AM.  The house is chilled to a cool 68 degrees.  Me and my boyfriend are sleeping peacefully.  Suddenly we hear a deep, raspy, hard cough that seems to repeat itself over and over.  No, its not us but our little Riley.

Kennel cough have you ever heard of it? It is an upper respiratory infection that affects dogs through coughing and sneezing or also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis.  If you want the short relaxed version it is a nasty sounding old man smoker cough that happens to dogs, especially, those who are around other dogs daily.  Riley has encountered this cough in periods of his life so naturally I have become familiar with it.

I noticed he suffered from it after a few years going to doggie daycare. It started off with a little random wheeze I thought was adorable then developed into a cough that would show up particularly around the summer/hot months and become nonstop. I find that having now experienced this for a few years, spring and summer, are the times it flares up the most. Think about it humans alone have a hard time breathing and functioning in hot weather and with the added components of humidity and pollen which is like living in a sweat box of green dust.

Dogs are no different except they verbally can’t tell you MOM!!! THE POLLEN IS EVERYWHERE AND I CAN’T BREATHE!!! And the difference of dogs sticking their face in grass and trees to sniff things 24/7 which probably does not help much.  My vet probably hates me for bothering him so many times to check out Riley and to make sure his lungs are ok only to find he has a clean bill of health.  So basically, that damn cough is something that comes and goes and is something I have to keep an eye on as he becomes older.

Make sure to always keep an eye out for kennel cough and any other infectious diseases your dog can develop.  Remember, they can’t verbally tell you things so you have to watch for the signs and be prepared.

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