I Hate To Be That Person

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being involved in a situation that required me to politely blast one of my neighbors about their pet ownership.  In fairness, I have given them at least two prior mental warnings before I decided to say something but clearly third time is the charm.  One of my […]

Pet Insurance

What happens when you starting working at a new job? You look into signing up for health insurance. What happens when you are looking at insurance plans? You compare pricing and coverage. What happens when you get injured and need to see a provider? You look into your health insurance plan to see what you […]

Can’t Get Rid Of That Cough

It’s 1:00AM.  The house is chilled to a cool 68 degrees.  Me and my boyfriend are sleeping peacefully.  Suddenly we hear a deep, raspy, hard cough that seems to repeat itself over and over.  No, its not us but our little Riley. Kennel cough have you ever heard of it? It is an upper respiratory […]

Home Alone

Home Alone…..no not the hilarious, childhood American classic but my dog is home alone. I have talked before about having your pet go to doggie daycare for working furparents or those who can afford to have their pet socialize with other pets on a daily basis or to tire them out after a long hard […]