Dog Hair

  • It’s always near you
  • It’s always on you especially during special occasions or that big job interview
  • It never seems to go away even when you tell it to stop and just let you be free
  • It sticks to you like glue especially when you wear velvet, suede, or fleece
  • It loves to stick to lint rollers but not by choice
  • It likes to meet with the vacuum cleaner at least 3-4x times a week
  • It loves to appear with the color black or any dark color for that matter
  • It can sometimes appear in the air just floating with the wind
  • It sometimes appears near your food
  • It sometimes changes colors in different seasons
  • It can change colors depending on age
  • It sometimes smells weird when you make it wet
  • It can be really short, long, or extra fluffy
  • It keeps you warm on those cold winter nights with a good book or Nextflix
  • It responds best with a good shampoo followed by a refreshing conditioner and blow dry
  • It can annoy non-dog lovers but that is just something they have to deal with
  • It can shed all year long depending on the breed
  • It can have things living in it but if so I suggest seeing a vet right away
  • It can sometimes come out in clumps DO NOT BE ALARMED especially with huskies
  • It can grow in cycles

It is something that is attached to your furry friend.  It may be annoying and give you hell as times but it is something that comes with the job of being a pet owner and I would not trade it for the world.  Dog hair you are part of my life always and forever.




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