To Leash or Not to Leash?

Majority of pet owners who own a pet have a leash, harness, or some equipment that keeps that pet near them at all times.  It is something that just kind of comes with the territory of owning one.  Off leash, however, has become more and more of a trend in the recent years, at least from my perspective, for some pet owners.  I can’t tell you how many of my community neighbors let their dogs run freely in the neighborhood while out on walks.

Here are some pros and cons to looking at a pet that prefers leash to no leash provided by some pet experts. Disclaimer: these pros and cons are just some thoughts from other trainers and experts not me so do not come for me.


  • having a dog on leash makes them more disciplined and polite when greeting other humans or dogs
  • having a dog on leash helps prevent them from getting lost or injured if out of sight
  • having a dog on leash can be a nice addition to matching dog collars and clothing


  • having a dog off leash can lead to unexpected interactions with other pets and humans especially with children
  • having a dog off leash can lead to bad training and in-house behaviors
  • having a dog off leash can have them more relaxed and feel free do as they want without listening

Me, personally,  I have always been a fan of leashing my dog but if in the right setting to let them go off leash to give them a little freedom.  I have to admit though I am definitely a “helicopter fur mom”.  Basically, if you like your pet off leash then I guess go for it but I would only recommend to do it in a safe environment like an open area where there is room to roam and be care free. I find it hard and a little nervous to have a dog off leash in a city environment even though I have seen some pretty well-trained dogs but I am referring more to the ones that are not.  You know those people where they continuously have their pet off leash with lots of people around that they never trained and the dog likes to run everywhere and never comes back when called. That’s who I am referring too.

I would also keep in mind, that every area may have different laws, policies, and regulations in place when it comes to pets so always be aware of that. No one likes to get fined or have their pet taken away for something they could have prevented.  STAY WOKE YA’LL!

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