Having a Puppy Forever?

Easter Sunday recently passed and of course the air was filled with the love of Easter bunnies, colorful and chocolate eggs, and adorable children and fur-babies dressed in their Sunday best.  Easter is filled with the joy of family but because it was Sunday I also took the joy in catching up on some Netflix shows and movies.  I recently watched a movie called Boss Baby starring Toby McGuire and Alec Baldwin as the main voice characters.

The main premise of the story was a new baby comes into the family causing the older existing child to feel envious but of course they ban together to fight the bigger evil which is a villain wanting to create a dog that stays a puppy forever to make adults not want to have babies anymore because he was rejected as the head boss baby.  There is a little more to it but that is the short and dirty version for it. Basically, for me it was a cute animated film and I happen to be a big kid at heart so I love anything with babies and especially animals.

Then I got to thinking, what if there really was a dog that stayed a puppy forever? I mean puppies are freaking adorable and you can’t help but want to cry every time you see one flopping around or when they are taking a nap.  The thought of having one forever raised some questions for me.

  • Would I really want to have to deal with continuously potty training a puppy forever?
  • What happens if the humans continue to get old but the puppy doesn’t? How can I continue to take care of it if I’m becoming old and fragile?
  • What health issues could come from altering a dog like that?
  • Is their special food to buy?
  • The list goes on….

I think you get the point.  Funny but serious questions I thought about in watching this cute and hilarious cartoon. Although the original thought of having my dog last as a puppy forever is truly exciting especially remembering his first attempt on climbing the stairs, learning to give me a paw, his first tooth coming out, and first bath.  All those memories are stuck with me forever but I think learning to watch your pet grow up with you is something special and an experience you need just like having your kids grow up.  You like to see them learn from things you have taught them, use them, act silly, and eventually grow old.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable and definitely will be watching again just for fun.  It shows how much I have grown being an adult still loving to watch animated movies but unfortunately critiquing them with an adult mind.

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