Sorry Mam, No Pets Allowed Here

From my understanding pets and animals are helpful to decrease stress and anxiety for humans in a lot of ways. For example, in the workplace. So my question is why can’t I bring my dog everywhere to keep me calm on the daily?! I pay my taxes! LOL!

Speaking for myself I get annoyed pretty much daily by something, someone, and sometimes annoyed with myself so having a pet around to keep me calm and to take my mind off stress is always greatly appreciated.

I know there are a few places that may be pet friendly like coffee shops, nursing homes, bars, and some specifically made areas that are pet friendly but in a perfect world WHY NOT EVERYWHERE! The movies, cruises, restaurants, schools, the possibilities are endless. There is nothing cuter than having a perfect lunch date outside with refreshing cocktails with your furry friend just people watching and catching up on latest gossip.

Yes, I may be overdoing it but it’s just a thought that if I wanted to I would like to do things with my pet just like I do with my human friends occasionally but until then which things could change in the future.

I vote pet friendly places for everyone! Except hospital emergencies rooms I think they have enough to deal with.

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