No Longer No.1

My boyfriend and I recently moved in about two months ago. The good news is we actually get along fairly well. He cooks, cleans, helps out like a wonderful partner should. The bad news is I think my dog aka our dog now loves him more than me. This cannot be!

Riley has been my baby boy for seven years now. I have potty trained him, cleaned his pee and poop up from various places, been bitten out of a food rage, groomed him, and handled all medical emergencies like a true mom. Not to mention Riley literally hates or seems to hate everyone. Magically, my boyfriend comes into the picture and instantly from the time they met it was love at first sight. Now I don’t even matter. Let me give you a list of people Riley likes: my father aka grandpa, my mother aka grandma, my dads sister, my boyfriend, and everyone at his doggie daycare.

They are literally attached like father and son which is the most adorable thing ever but I’M THE MOMMA! No I’m not jealous but maybe a little bit especially the days I come home and my greeting is not nearly as exciting as his but I chalk that up to him being tired from daycare. See rationalizing is key.

Do I sneak more cuddles? Do I feed them more treats and risk him eventually getting a tummy ache? Do I do more nature walks even though it’s freezing cold outside? The answer isn’t absolutely clear but I will remain number one to my Riley. I must! Just kidding but not really though.

Deep down I am just happy they get along and my boyfriend treats him with the love and kindness that I would treat any animal not just my own.  It is extremely important when owning a fur baby and going into a relationship that both people are on the same page when it comes to raising your pet.  It would definitely be a struggle if you had a complete asshole towards animals with a total animal lover, which I have experienced and I definitely cut that short in the blink of an eye. Luckily, me and my boyfriend are on the same page when it comes to our Riley and will continue to be as long as I stay number one.

One thought on “No Longer No.1

  1. My animals love me cause I feed them and give them the treats. My little one whines when I get home from work. Like mommy I missed you! Lol! Riley loves everyone at daycare. Except the new people.. lol! He doesn’t like my hubby either. Lmao!

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