Second Time Around

Deciding on a pet can be a daunting and difficult task. Picking a pet for your home and family can make you re-evaluate if you truly even want a pet or the type of pet that works best for you. I remember the years of begging, crying, and silent treatments towards my parents it took me to convince them to finally agree in letting me get a dog. It was a huge decision that even with months of prepping I still had no idea what the hell I was doing.

I was in college studying to get my bachelors and while studying for exams in my very limited free time I created an entire PowerPoint presentation for my parents on different dog breeds, cost, and accessories that would best fit me and my family. My choices were Labrador Retriever or Siberian Husky. My mother made it very clear early on that getting a big dog would be out of the question and having my heart set more on the Siberian Husky my mother stated “if you can find a mini version of that dog then it’s all yours!” HA…HA…HAAAA!! The joke was on her.

Behold, the Alaskan Klee Kai, aka the miniature husky. Now because I was so excited about finding the dog of my choice and beating my mom at her own game I didn’t really do my research in knowing the following about huskies: they shed like crazy, they howl like a true wolf at almost anything, and can be extremely high energy at times. Huskies are majestic, regal, and so darn fluffy but I would say back then I probably would have picked a different dog only because of what I know now.

When it comes time for you to pick your special pooch there are some things to consider. The very first thing is whether you are going to adopt or shop.  For my first time around, I decided to shop and there are not many Klee Kai’s in animal shelters but after those animal shelter commercials and that damn in the arms of an angel song it made me think more and more about adopting my next fur baby. Not to mention with the recent weather disasters that have misplaced a lot of animals to shelters and need a home. As I get older my heart as grown to have a very special place for dogs who are unable to fend for themselves or do not have the luxury finding a stable furever home. (Hints to a future blog post on this topic).

For my next fur baby, I have been struggling with the what breed to go with? Right now my choices are between getting another Alaskan Klee Kai which by the way are not cheap dogs at all. I also have my heart set on the following as well: a Goldendoodle, a Weimaraner, or a Siberian Husky. Yes, my choices may seem a little scattered but let me explain.  Going backwards on my list I have the Siberian Husky which is basically the bigger version of the dog I have now and my original pick from the very beginning.  I already know what to expect but to just expect more in size.  The Weimaraner, a breed that always has look so regal to me with their silver/blue coat and eyes to match.  They too can be high energy dogs which I have already mastered and possibly less shedding, I think.  Lastly, the Goldendoodle which basically because they are just so darn cute! Every time I see a brown one it just reminds me of a chicken nugget and they do not shed as often which I could definitely take a break from since I am the lint roller queen.

So if you have not guessed it by now the goal is to finally get a BIG dog the second time around since I have my own house now (cheers to becoming an adult) and I have experienced the joys of having a little dog with a big boss personality attitude.  If any readers have suggestions please send them over my way.  I am not exactly sure when my next fur baby will join the family but I can say that whatever I do get it will be spoiled rotten just like its big brother Riley.

Feel free to take a poll below on which dog I should get. Happy Reading!

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