Silent But Deadly

It’s a warm cool summer night

The wind is surprisely calm as it sways through the cracked bedroom window

You hear the crickets in the night air

I lay in my bed tucked away almost drifting to sleep but awaken but a fierce smell

It smells of boiled eggs possibly few days old but no one is cooking or has cooked today

I sit up and look around in amazement and ask my boyfriend do you smell that?

He nods his head in the same confusion and says….”maybe it’s something outside”

I get up to close the window but realize the smell is even stronger now

I get back in bed and try to close my eyes and focus on the beauty of the night that once was

I hear silent whisper and a slight jingle of a collar

I sit up to realize where the smell was coming from….none other than my own dog

I suddenly remember he had two bowls of food, 4 treats, and one French fry today and has decided to let us sit in his absolute glory of funk

I rest my head on my pillow with a slight smirk thinking…only my dog could have such silent but deadly farts

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