Sorry Mam, No Pets Allowed Here

From my understanding pets and animals are helpful to decrease stress and anxiety for humans in a lot of ways. For example, in the workplace. So my question is why can’t I bring my dog everywhere to keep me calm on the daily?! I pay my taxes! LOL! Speaking for myself I get annoyed pretty […]

No Longer No.1

My boyfriend and I recently moved in about two months ago. The good news is we actually get along fairly well. He cooks, cleans, helps out like a wonderful partner should. The bad news is I think my dog aka our dog now loves him more than me. This cannot be! Riley has been my […]

Second Time Around

Deciding on a pet can be a daunting and difficult task. Picking a pet for your home and family can make you re-evaluate if you truly even want a pet or the type of pet that works best for you. I remember the years of begging, crying, and silent treatments towards my parents it took […]

Silent But Deadly

It’s a warm cool summer night The wind is surprisely calm as it sways through the cracked bedroom window You hear the crickets in the night air I lay in my bed tucked away almost drifting to sleep but awaken but a fierce smell It smells of boiled eggs possibly few days old but no […]

Welcome Back

I recently took a small break from my blog not because I wanted too but because simply I had no time. Many of us know the challenge of having a job or taking care of family which keeps us from doing the things we wish to do. I hope to continue with my blog posts […]