Wipe Those Tears

Am I the only dog parent that experiences their dog having tear stains on their adorable faces?!

The Dilemma

At 7 years old Riley has experienced many things and at this point in his life he is dealing with the stage of tear stains.  He use to experience them every now and again but as he is growing older, that he would be technically a mature male adult in human world, his body continues to change.

The red stains on his face continue to appear on his tiny little gorgeous face only to be wiped away time and time again. Typically, I find the tears generate more in the hotter months than cold which I guess could attribute to being a husky in the heat is never fun.  Thank God! for tear stain removal pads from Petsmart or I would be a like a stage mom never wanting their pup to go outside.  I know appearance isn’t everything but I like my Riley to look presentable and I can’t help but feel that he likes to be presentable as well for his fellow pals.  After all doggie day care is a fashion/popularity contest : )

I read somewhere that dogs tend to have tears stains from the following:

  • Diet
  • Fatigue
  • Water
  • Just having a white or lighter coat which makes it more noticeable
  • Just because their dogs

If anyone has any suggestions for good tear stain removal kits or pads please share them my way.

Thanks for reading!

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