Are You Crazy About Your Dog?

Years ago I received a book called “Rabid: Are You A Crazy Dog Person? OR JUST CRAZY?” and I answered that question before even opening the book to read….YES I AM! But then after reading that book I quickly learned I am actually sane compared to others. I am also guilty of taking many Buzzfeed quizzes to see if I am a crazy dog person but the question is are you?

Do you want to find out if you are a crazy dog person then take a look at this funny compiled list of things I am myself guilty of doing or have heard from others.

  1. You purposely skip out on parties and gatherings because your dog needs you to stay home to Netflix and cuddle.
  2. When planning to do the grocery shopping you make sure to incorporate you dog’s favorite food items on the list.  (I am guilty of buying extra chicken and cheese just for Riley on shopping days).
  3. Spending hours in pet stores trying to decide on the perfect Halloween costume every year even though your dog probably hates it but looks SO ADORABLE.
  4. Your dog’s birthday is just as important as any human family members and possibly MORE IMPORTANT.
  5. You scream every time you see a dog on the street and secretly want to steal them from their owner but you realize you don’t want to go to jail.
  6. Your dog has a bigger toy collection than you did as a toddler.
  7. You have a one or several tattoos of your dog(s).
  8. Doggie biscuits are so 1998. Your dog not only likes special treats but has a grand selection of gourmet dog treats that can make any food channel expert want to do a cover story.
  9. Tap water….I THINK NOT! More like filtered or bottled water suits your dog.
  10. Regular doggie bed….HA! More like a California king dog bed with plush interior and silk lining with matching a pillow and blanket.  Then let them sleep in your bed because they are the best snugglers.
  11. When taking car rides your dog gets first pick on seating of choice over any human rider.  Let us not forget the special seat belt or designer travel crate too.
  12. Gucci, Burberry, Versace are all normal clothing brands in your dog accessories. From designer sweaters, rain coats, collars, booties, hair clips, and bow ties.
  13. Your dog grooming process takes more than 2 hours because they need a full spa treatment including: hydrotherapy bath, nail trim, deep conditioning treatment, massage, deep cleansing facial treatment, and perfume spray to set the mood.
  14. Your dog has a standing therapy appointment every other week because the stress sometimes can be too much!
  15. You and your dogs vet are so close you have their personal cell number in case of any emergencies.
  16. Your dog has more social media followers than you but you are completely ok with that and get mad when you lose followers.
  17. You enter your dog in every animal contest you can find because let’s face it they deserve to win for their adorableness.
  18. Vacations are only fun unless your dog is there to accompany you. Five star treatment all the way.
  19. Your dog has a better modeling portfolio than Tyra Banks and you’re not afraid to display their art in your home or to others.
  20. You can’t watch certain dog movies or television shows because you get too emotional especially if one gets hurt or doesn’t make it (I still can’t watch Marley & Me).
  21. Have full on conversations with your dog like their going to respond but never do so you respond for them.
  22. When you meet someone with another dog of the opposite sex and they hit it off so well you decide the next step is a dog wedding.  Yes, I have seen a dog wedding.
  23. When sending your dog to doggie daycare you request the luxury suite that includes: plush bed, a television, climate control, daily massage, and hand feed gourmet treats.
  24. You need to have photos and live updates of your dog  if they are home alone or at doggie daycare. Thank God for web cams.
  25. You stare at your dog while sleeping because you just love them so much and they look so cute when they twitch/run in their sleep.
  26. Get somewhat jealous and heartbroken when your dog gives more attention to someone else than you. Family meeting are crucial for this sort of thing.
  27. When talking to people you refer to your dog as your child and people often get confused if you talking about your human baby or your furbaby.  DOES IT MATTER!?
  28. When eating out you prefer to eat at dog friendly restaurants because your dog is your best eating partner (use & to find dog friendly places).
  29. Your dog has better pet insurance than you do!
  30. Your phone has 90% pictures of your pet and you will risk deleting you favorite apps before their pictures.

I know there are way more things to add to this list and whether you are guilty of these things or not, the main thing to see is there are people who are simply CRAZY ABOUT THEIR DOGS!

If you have more funny things comment them below.


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