Doggie Daycare Dilemma

What is a Doggie Day Care? I can’t tell you how many times I get the awkward stare from people when I tell them I take my dog to a doggie daycare.  Let me give you the textbook version response: a doggie daycare is a short-term daytime or nighttime care facility that also provides additional services as needed.  Services can include the following:

  • day time boarding
  • night-time boarding
  • dog training
  • salon grooming
  • regular play time
  • vet services (at select facilities)
  • and much more

Let Me Hit You With Some Research

  • Well over half the households in the United States own a pet which is basically 80 million homes.
  • In 2015, 65% of households in the United States own at least one pet.
  • Large corporations like Petsmart and Petco are known as the mainstream places to take your pet for pet care and boarding services but many forget there also small businesses and franchises that provide exceptional pet services as well.
  • In 2016, American Pet Products Association (APPA) stated pet revenue is a 62.75 billion dollar industry (yes, you read that right…BILLION).

Our Experience

Doggie daycare is great for any working dog parent especially with a pup(s) that do not like to be home alone, suffer from separation anxiety, or if you want them to get better socialized with other dogs.  I am pretty basic with Riley in that he only goes to play, socialize, and the occasional grooming.  I have seen some dog parents use what I call “High Roller” services such as the doggie daycare bus services, pampered with massages, and even one with a personal driver.  Yes, you read that correctly a pup that has their own personal driver and car to drop them off and pick them up from daycare who is not their parent.  It must be nice.

So Riley attends doggie day care at least 4-5 days a week so at 7 years old he has pretty  much mastered his daily routine.  We wake up around 7-7:30AM, take a walk to handle his business,  then its off to daycare from 8:30AM-4:30PM.  He literally has a work life just like me at this point.  Since I use to work at one of the doggie daycare facilities he currently attends and with being his mom, I know exactly what he does along with the other dogs there which is basically like watching pre school children that poop and pee in a yard.

His doggie day care routine consists of walking in greeting those at the front desk (his usual favorites), walking back to his favorite cubicle or if the dogs are already out for playtime then he heads right out for morning play, then the usual greetings to his fellow fur buddies particularly his best friends: Sausage, Sassy, and Linus (an old-timer).  Then this is usually followed by another morning/midday poop which is great before his afternoon sunbathing and to lounge around observing the crazy ones go at it.  Riley has never been the rough house type of dog but more like a prince waiting to be entertained by others in the court.  A day filled with fun and relaxation comes with lunch time then more fun and relaxation with the occasional nap followed up with waiting for me or my dad to pick him up to return home for his slumber.

I know I can’t speak for Riley even though I do a lot but judging by his pure happiness in going to doggie daycare and seeing his favorite humans and fur buddies it has truly been a great investment.  Now, let us not forget doggie daycare does COST MONEY!  You don’t necessarily have to be rich to send your dog to daycare but its something me and my parents learned to definitely incorporate into our budget.  We usually purchase a daycare package which is cheaper than buying individual days and can last a bit depending on how frequent you take you dog but for me it works.

Here is a little break down example for you to get the picture of how doggie daycare pricing can be:

  • 1 Days=$35.00 per day
  • 10 Days=$32.50 per day ($325.00) so you save $15.00
  • 20 Days=$32.00 per day ($640.00) so you save $40.00
  • 30 Days=$31.00 per day ($930.00) so you save $90.00

*Note: each facility and prices can vary*

Overall, at this point in my life I truly could not do without having a doggie daycare for Riley.  It is also important, to have a place you can trust as well.  Not all doggie daycare facilities are great SO DO YOUR RESEARCH! I spent a lot of time on the internet reading reviews, visiting places, and even taking Riley to get a feel for the environment himself.  Believe it or not, dogs will tell you exactly how they feel about something from their mood and behavior so definitely pay attention to the signs.

Big shout out to Downtown Dog Resort and Spa located in Baltimore, Maryland ( and All Dogs Club located in College Park, Maryland ( where I take Riley for doggie day care.  Thank you guys for always treating him like the royal prince that he is.

7 thoughts on “Doggie Daycare Dilemma

  1. Thank you so much for wrting this! I’m new to the whole article reading side of wordpress and I’m so glad I came upon your article. My husband and I are almost done our business plan to open a doggie day care of our own in summer of 2018 and this really brought home the reason why we want to start this venture. When I had a dog (I had to put my beloved Angel down on March 4th-she was 15 years old and she’d been with me her whole life) doggie daycare was in the beginning stages. I wish I had somewhere for her to go while I was at work or had to go away for a few days, instead of the generic big stores that gave each dog a pen with shavings in it and called it a day. 😦 I can’t wait to love up on other folk’s babies and have them know that their pet’s are safe and well-cared for every day and night. Again, many thanks for sharing!

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